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Having tried several other "The One" outings - the original and the flankers, that is - I approached The One Grey with an open mind, seeing how unique and distinctive it is on its own merits.

The One Grey has its own character that is shaped from the combination of lavandin (sharp herbal effect) and the vetiver (the damp, bitter variety). The requisite amber, tobacco and cardamom mimic the basic The One dna fairly well, which acts to surround the pronounced bitter herbal lavandin + vetiver combo. Grapefruit seems to interact with the duo, synergizing its own bitter hesperidic quality with them. Grey woods? Can't say I know what that smells like.

Overall, it is a wearable casual version of The One original. I see that it won't please everyone; definitely give this a test before deciding to buy a bottle, as the lavandin and vetiver combo may not be to everyone's liking.

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