pocketvenus's Review of Bat (original) by Zoologist Perfumes

Challenging but wearable earthy fragrance

Bat has a challenging, kaleidoscopic opening that is dizzying. Sweet, tropical fruit; rich black topsoil; cold, wet, flinty stones; growling animal musks, these are all present from the beginning, vying for your attention. In rapid succession you find yourself with fleeting impressions of peering into sunless caves with dripping water, thrusting your bare hands into moist earth, catching a whiff of rotting compost.

The scent settles down into a perfect balance between dank edges softened by fruity, musky sweetness that blend more and more harmoniously as time passes.

The dankness reminds me of another favourite, Dzongkha, as if you had fallen from the shadows of those airy, smoky, mountainous peaks, landed softly in clods of dirt and fallen fruit and slowly rolled into the wet mouth of a cave.

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