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This is a most arresting fragrance; honey unlike any kind you find at your average supermarket. Instead, it's a reminder that bees are, in fact, wild animals. I've once had a swarm of bumblebees nesting in my ceiling, and let me tell you, the sound that comes from hundreds and hundreds of these flying beauties is quite terrifying. As is Slowdive, but in a good way. It's raw, thick, and almost overwhelmingly sweet; honey with waxy comb, pollen, and a few angry bees still stuck in it. It reminds me of a jar of chestnut honey my mother once brought from Italy that was so intense that it could not be eaten undiluted, but it was absolutely heavenly in dishes and pies. I have a similar experience with Slowdive: it's a bit too much for me up close, but from a distance it is just gorgeous, especially the dry down. A little goes a long way with this stuff; I think a 10ml travel spray would last me a lifetime.

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