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Sweet, juicy opening with plenty of green/fresh violet notes. With the violet being so noticeable up front, my first though was that this is like a sweetened version of Fahrenheit. However, I think the better comparison is to Carven pour Homme, which I like very much.

Sweet, sexy, clean violet throughout, almost soapy. You only get the oud note if you sniff right on my skin. Later into the drydown, the oud goes away leaving a classic, clean amber behind.

I'm sure this would smell great on women too but I really like this for me as a guy. Like I said before, it's like a sweetened Fahrenheit or Carven Pour Homme, so I really like it.

Mancera usually delivers in the performance category and Aoud Violet doesn't disappoint. Projection isn't beastly but should be more than adequate while longevity is very good, lasting all day.

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