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A great ode to another ubiquitous fragrance note, the legendary vetiver.

This isn't anything complicated: Vétiver by Christian Dior is quite a simple formulation. It starts out with grapefruit that flows immediately into the characteristically musty, dry, and woody vetiver in the heart; this gets deftly accented by a tasteful sprinkle of coffee, which pairs nicely with the chocolate-like facet of the vetiver.

The result is a brighter, fresher rendition of vetiver than I've experienced in a while. Doubtless, one could find variations on the vetiver theme - more earthy, more grassy, more smoky, more woody - in other fragrances that are still in production and cost WAY less than what you'd have to pay for full bottles of Vétiver nowadays.

But in its own right, Vétiver is a solidly constructed, credible nod out to the vetiver mystique, though it's not a referent one.

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