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D is a summary of a genre that is long lost in modern perfumary. The epoch of the chypre genre was the animalic fruity floral with mossy leather nuances with some spice.
It opens with herbs and citrus much like the greats of yesteryear then opens up a mossy leathery heart with cumin, and fruit. The animalic ending makes this dirty and sexy..like you are wearing contraband or something that the IFRA would have a heart attack over. Is it the greatest of all time? No. I will say I have worn the iconic vintage chypres of this genre. Diorama, Patou Lasso, Rochas Femme, Etc. However, If you do not/cant get these vintages..then yes Roja is a great piece.

This is made for a vintage enthusiasts or a well educated nose. This has substance. I find it closer to Femme than Mitsy.

It reminds us how great perfumery used to be.

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