SuzanneS's Review of Scandal pour Femme by Roja Dove

I own both the extrait (Creation S) and The EDP versions.
My review is for the edp.

Id have to say this is the most dreamy modern romantic white floral melange in our time. This is an always appropriate white floral thats polished and can reach for everyday without it being too much. Not sure what to wear? Scandal. Its much more versatile than one may think. This is not anything like fracas ..this is much more romantic and refined.This white floral does not roar. So if you are looking for a screaming white floral presence..look elsewhere. His Tuberose is closer to Fracas..this is closer to JDB but much more ladylike.. Just...lovely.

I do not get into MSRP/Pricing as I feel that is relative/subjective.

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