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Third scent presented by Matthew.
Thirty-three was introduced at a time that Rose Oud scents had run their course and the market was
saturate. It'structure in the vein of a Rose Chypre. With Mandarin the Citronella note of Rose Absolute is a accelerated and expands the development of the extraordinary Rose. Oud and Patchouli provide a sumptuous canvas and a touch of Oud Saffron booster provides a sparkle to satisfy the Western palate.
Ryder, not as well received was identified early by Kafkaesque as a build on Woody Amber Kephalis. For me Kephalis acts as an incisor of the highly sweetened, buttered,Amber bordering clot. The bouquet develops slowly and provides a Masculine base note.
A sliver of beautiful Incense adds a heightening and later a drop of Jasmine rot provides a Cherry on top.
A similar structure is presented by Lucid Dream, however the use of a rather generic Woody fixative obscures the beautiful bouquet that I know that Zhuk does produce.
I'm afraid I can only "Kafkaesque" this one.

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