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Ajmal Amber Wood, while released by the UAE-based house in 2014, seems to be getting a lot of buzz currently, and for that reason, I picked up a decant.

It's immediately pleasing, a cold-weather-leaning mix of amber, woods, patchouli, and iris, with subtle hints of apple and lavender fading quickly into the main blend.

Amber Wood reminds me immediately of Mugler A*Men Pure Malt, but just a bit more powdery and sharp via the inclusion of iris, but the amber and wood with patchouli in Amber Wood more or less recreate the base of coffee and patchouli mixed with the booze in Pure Malt.

Performance is great, well above average in terms of both projection and longevity, especially the former, since it seems to project well off of skin for 4+ hours.

Retail pricing is higher, I imagine, but the best pricing I see for this is $140 on Finescents' eBay store and $185 on MaxAroma for a standard 100ml bottle.

Overall, this is a nice perfume, one that I like a lot, but Pure Malt is reasonably close and done better, without the sharp, powdery edges that render Amber Wood a bit challenging.

8 out of 10

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