jtd's Review of Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens

Fleur de Citronnier is transparent. Not radiant or sheer but straightforward. The arc of the perfume is an easy but entertaining wear. There are no curveballs–spend one minute in this perfume and you pretty much know where your day is headed. Boozy citrus and a raspy, juicy floral accord take you into the heart of the perfume. A honeyed waxy foundation outlasts all the other notes. It's the framework of the entire perfume, lasting through the lightly animalic floral drydown. Fleur de Citronnier isn't the most complex wear, but the ride is so smooth and the moments are so lush that I find myself reaching for the bottle the minute I lay eyes on it. Waxy lipstick and a mouthwatering floral-citrus note combine to make Fleur de Citronnier a big tongue-kiss of a perfume.

Fleur de Citronnier has a musk accord that's shaped a bit like the one in Muscs Koublai Khan. The two have a waxy sweetness that runs on the boozy side and a big, sculptural floral accord. Muscs Koublai Khan's sweaty rose makes it a more down-and-dirty wear than FdC's upstanding petitgrain-inflected citrus flower but not by a lot. They're both seductive–they just move differently. Muscs Koublai Khan is an irresistible force, albeit a slow one. Fight it and it will likely take you down. But give in? There's some serious pleasure there. Fleur de Citronnier has a much more buoyant quality than Muscs Koublai Khan. It's built for gentleman-drag, the Vienna Waltz and garden parties.

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