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Brooklyn was my very first impression of Gallivant and so it seems appropriate to fully sample and review this one first.

Brooklyn is, at first, a strong citrus opening but the underlying, contrasting woody/powdery/musky element quickly creates a juxtaposition that conjures the idea of an urban garden, the concrete and brick of a city mixed with the plants that inhabit it. The duality of the sharpness of the citrus and orris and the relative mildness of the musk and resins keeps Brooklyn in balance, suspended between being a true summer freshie and something heavier and earthier.

Its performance is very good for a fragrance that has a lot of freshness. Even a most number of tiny squirts from a sample sprayer on each wrist yielded a significant scent could for a couple of hours and had above average longevity thereafter.

7 out of 10

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