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A quite chic and joyful bouquet. Dusita Fleur de Lalita opens with a blast of soapy spicy/gingery magnolia a la Mark Buxton Devil in Discuise. Magnolia is heady in this phase side by side to rose (definitely musky, neutral, vaguely leafy and super soapy). Joined to jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose It provides a quite sophisticated (vaguely fizzy, significantly musky and definitely soapy) floral bright accord. A basic classic chord of musk, sandalwood and ylang-ylang exudes a gorgeous classy freshly floral aura (for a grand radiant urban dynamic woman). The general musky soapiness represent the modern side of this "carefree" creation (contemporary but with a classic background - Armani Onde Mystere, Sergio Soldano Proibito etc). Finally rose stands out musky and slightly "stale" on my skin, with its languid "neo-victorian" twist well assembled in a more "current" musky-floral melange. Magnolia is still there with its bold impenetrable (vaguely cold) appeal. A charismatic juice for a self confident woman which loves to stand out in a freshly floral musky way.

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