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Oh. My. God. Where has this been all my life?!? This is simply exquisite. I got this as a free sample with purchase and I'm so glad they included it. Powdery, musky, sweet, delicate – I have not been able to stop smelling this since I dabbed some on from my sample bottle, and am now trying to find where I can get a bigger sample from, or even a full bottle. Orange, ylang-ylang, geranium and tuberose are there right off the bat, then after about half an hour the vanilla and sandalwood start coming through, with a lovely sweet woody warmth from the cedar and opoponax. For some reason, I keep picturing a beautiful vintage wedding dress; it's satin, with a delicate lace trim around the décolletage – the lace is a soft cream colour and highlights the smooth, pale skin of the wearer's neck and shoulders, and a lace handkerchief which carries this scent is tucked into the bodice of her dress. I love the history behind this scent, and the fact that they have been able to re-create it is amazing. Longevity is good – I got a solid six hours from a couple of dabs from my little sample bottle. Which I'll be hoarding until I can get my mitts on some more of this stunning juice. Big love for this one, and it's definitely on my need-to-have-this list. Gorgeous.

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