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Let me see now...is this the 56th or 57th rose/oud fragrance i've sampled? sorry, I lost count...well, I can see the popularity and prolifiration...it is a great smelling combination that can be tweaked in a multitude of ways...I'm gonna try not to compare this to any other examples of this combo...it's been done in other reviews and I am in agreement with most of the comparisons already presented...OK, I'll just say - Montale Black Aoud...probably most mentioned because it's probably the one that most have sampled and has sort of become the benchmark of the genre, so that all others are judged as being better, same, or worse than MBA...OK, enough of that...on with the show...to my nose, 33 opens up with the rose and oud duking it out for the top spot...the oud is smooth, very woody and refined...i get no bandaid or barnyard funk...the rose is dark/jammy/rich...like a rose syrup being dripped on the oud...this, in turn, is sitting on top of a rubber mat...very plesant and relaxing to me...a slightly dusty feel...i find 33 to be on the mellower spectrum of this scent combo...overall, i think the rose takes the gold and the oud and patch get the silver and bronze...if you like this genre I would highly recommend giving this a sniff or two...

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