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Grimoire is magical mixture of various scent directions that assembles itself into a potion which radiates earthen mosses, healing minty lavender, and herbal tinged incense woods. There is a dark green direction to the mossiness that hovers close to the earth and crackles with aromatic healing qualities from cumin, basil and herbal lavender. The herbal content here gives the moss a feeling of a healing poultice with bold curative power. The varieties of lavender in this brew offers a green penetrating and medicinal aspect, but also a shimmering purple iridescent aroma that is lighter and floats above with an ethereal presence. Atlas Cedar also helps the penetrating nature of the scent with its pinene woodiness. The central body of the scent has a not altogether pleasant ashen dry and empty feeling. But the surrounding aromas are very engaging and make up for the contradictions. Grimoire offers a very interesting fragrance and a fairy tale of complexities in the fragrance blending. It is a unique experience which is getting hard to find in new fragrances.

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