freewheelingvagabond's Review of Thirty-three by Ex Idolo

Rose and oud, with some spices. Nothing more, and nothing less - but the execution and quality is very good.

Thirty-Three starts off with a sharp, rich rose with a hint of pepper, quite dark and deep. The oud is in the background, before slowly developing. There's a steely / metallic note in the mid-phase, when the oud-rose accord is in full swing. The rose continues into the woody oud-driven dry down, but is more subdued. There's a bare hint of patchouly at this stage. On my skin, sillage is strong initially before dropping off, and longevity is excellent at over eight hours.

Thirty-Three is yet another entry in an overcrowded subcategory, that's almost become an olfactory cliché. However, it is among the best in its style. I perceive two potential drawbacks. At times the steely note makes the composition feel a little synthetic. Secondly, it's not very complex or abstract, and can appear boring if worn on several days in a row.

Otherwise, thumbs up.


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