purecaramel's Review of Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

Crikey! A big wallop of Muguet. Similar breathtaking, send your head spinning, burst of Yeasty Floral as Lutens Purple Sarrasins. It differs in that Civet grabs the nose hairs and folds the path into a magical land, through of the Month of May.
Galbanum draws one into the fresh Green-ness. Those little White flowers, set against the bright lushness, have me feeling, I am being devoured.
Nostalgic whispers of my Maternal Grandmother, who loved all of the Lily family, particularly the Muguet.
She was Viking fierce with her love and although I appreciated her fragrant sillage, I was a little frightened of her, as a youngster.
With Diorisimmo, one needs to be comfortable with a little of the LOV Progesteronic Feminine strength.
Being an extrait, a half an hour in and I am captivated by the slightly soapy, billowing halo that surrounds my corpus. Here, I can recognize the Roudnitska Symphonic orchestration. Diorisimmo treats the LOV with the respect that it deserves.
For myself, I would tend to take my Muguet, in the likes of it's note in Eucris etc.
This scent is made for Women, who are most Feminine and carry a fierceness, within an exterior, slightly cool.
Recommended in 80's Vintage, surely.

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