SuzanneS's Review of Vicky Tiel Originale by Vicky Tiel

Vintage review .25 parfum spray (1990) release

Its a well dressed floral with a sharp opening. The mignonette and the citrus gives it a sharp introduction.Hyacinth,Jasmine, Heliotrope and tuberose in the heart, with a amber musk drydown.

This is in the vein of YSL Y, vivre, etc..the green hyacinth dominates so make sure you enjoy Hyacinth. It reminds me when moms got dressed up to go to dinner, has a night on the town after they kissed you and put you to bed. Mature in nature.

Its a good fragrance but so many better in this genre. Its a good buy but YSL Y did it much better in my opinion.

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