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Vintage COCO (84) EDP.
COCO is the goldilocks "just right" of Orientals. Old luxury is a slightly understated, quality experience. That embodies COCO.

In its historical genre there's Opium (77), Cinnabar (78), Diva(83), Teatro Alla Scalla (85), Incognito (92).

Review for Vintage COCO EDP

COCO is the most balanced in the genre. There isn't a main ingredient you can point to and say "thats what dominates in COCO." That is its true strength. She is all her own done in Chanel style. You can see echoes of Diva and Opium within her DNA, yet balanced and refined for the Chanel house.

Her spices are never overdone, her fruits are luscious, the rose is a beautiful feminine addition. Its as beautiful as an Oriental can get. She will be loved because there isnt a part of her that stands out too much, or not liked for not having a distinct identity and perspective. Perfect example of a well crafted, strong, classy, non offensive benchmark in perfumery. The only reservation I have is when hunting the vintage, in my experience the strength fades overtime.

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