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Miss Arpel 1.0 bottle edt glass swirl bottle

When I smell Miss Arpel or something like its green opening- I smile. In its time..green fragrances were the hallmarks of a youthful consumer. Springtime, fresh, lively with some florals. Tendre poison, although a powerhouse went green and marketed itself as a lighter version of Poison, finds itself in this genre as well as Miss Arpel, Jolie Madame, Ma Griffe, Crystalle Edp.

Green, little herbal and bitter with a clean lemon uplifts the spirits and adds a clean character. Natural smelling perfume. The florals rise from the green as if they are starting to bloom from the green ground. I do not get much fruit except for the watery green melon and no peach so dont think this is a tresor type scent it leans much more green than that-more closer to Y by YSL.

Its a different, classy affordable green floral. Ellena has restrained the oakmoss to its valuable use to enhance the fragrance rather than dominate it. Its classic, elegant and great daytime scent.

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