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This is a review for the current EDP, and I'm sorry to say that Knowing can no longer be included in the chypre category. Gone is the bite of moss to round out its floral notes - not only is oakmoss not among the listed ingredients, even tree moss is absent. Today's Knowing is a pleasant rose concoction, pretty and refined and not much else. It's not bad, so I can't give it a thumbs-down; but it isn't Knowing anymore, either, so a neutral rating is the best I can do.

Lauder's website now describes Knowing as a floral/woody fragrance, but in its past incarnations this was a gorgeous rose chypre. I don't know why Lauder still lists oakmoss among the basenotes, since the ingredients tabulation on the box makes no mention of oakmoss (or even tree moss) - maybe moss is present in such a small amount that they're not required to list it.

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