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There are some perfumers, who remind me of Victor Frankenstein. "Look what I can do." Sometimes, they do not take the time to ask themselves, "Because I can, ought I to?"

This is certainly a unique and original scent. Anise and fennel over a soft musk. The references to Sambuca and the classic Springerle Christmas cookie are right on the money. (Another scent I recently experienced reproduced garum masala perfectly).

These gourmand scents are wonderfully right in the kitchen. They are part of the taste experience when eating the foods made with them. However, using them to scent the body can be jarring and confusing. This is well done, linear and certainly projects well.

I must ask myself "Why would someone want to smell like a Christmas cookie or a popular liqueur? What will be the effect on others around me when I wear it?"

I can't see this being worn in public. Around one's house however would seem perfectly fine, wearing for self, not others. If you love the scent of anise, fennel, licorice, etc. this is for you. Others just curious might do better sampling before blind buying.

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