psebi101's Review of Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

A fragrance that I associate with smell of fresh cut grass. A little spicy in the beginning (cloves and pepper) under a bed of green and grassy vetiver. I am getting some nuances of bitter orange after the initial blast. At this point it smells a little minty and very fresh. After about 30 minutes, the blend settles to a green and bitter, slightly mentholated vetiver. The fragrance is slow to transform and in the dry down, VE meets a slight warmer woodier side.
I was expecting to be blown away, to have a new vetiver reference, but it wasn't the case. Actually I have grown to like it quite a bit since my first wearing , but it's not extraordinary. The reason might be that I prefer the rootier and heavier vetivers. This one is too green, grassy, clean and subtle, but with an undeniable blend quality. I am being overly critic, but it's a very solid scent.

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