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Amouage Dia pour homme was an exquisite surprise. Amouage is known for its bombastic, powerful fragrances. Dia paradoxically is very elegant and understated but equally powerful in character and execution as the rest of the brand's perfumes. Dia to me is mainly a vetiver composition, plummy and slightly floral with a high end ambergris presence, some smoky incense and a soft dry suede facet. Some make the comparison with Guerlain's Arsene Lupin Dandy but to me this isn't very similar at all. The leather and powdery violet feel are more frontal on the latter and its drydown is much different. Dia is one of the most sophisticated, assured and deliberately quiet fragrances I have come across, its materials are stupendous and the composition wondrous. The best Amouage male by far.

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