deadidol's Review of Le Feu d'Issey by Issey Miyake

When I think of Issey Miyake, I think of the grim calone-driven horrors you find in department stores. So when a friend sent me a sample of this, I was a bit taken aback as to why he thought I'd be interested in smelling it. This couldn't be further removed from the kind of scents Miyake puts out today. Although I don't personally like the smell, per se, it's a brilliant composition with what I swear is the most generous dose of sandalwood I've smelled from a mainstream release.

It opens with a orange-peel rose infused with a bizarre herbal accord. Underneath is a rich, milky sandalwood and cedar. The combination of all those main notes is both jarring and yet somehow perfect. It strikes a meticulous balance–and one that stays suspended for its entire lifespan. But as the fruity / rose opening eventually fades, what remains is a milky wood with just enough of a trace of the opening to serve as a reminder. It lasts a really long time as well.

Even though it's not quite right for me personally (there's something a little vomity about fruit and milk up top that reminds me of Vraie Blonde), this is a wildly original scent that's overflowing with comfort once it gets to the base. I'm shocked by how much sandalwood is in this scent – it's positively booming. Le Feu d'Issey is so unique and perfectly rendered that I can't help but wonder what went wrong with the brand that they ditched this and kept the ghastly windex that currently haunts the scent wall of low-end department stores. If fruity, rosy, creamy scents are your thing, this is one of the best I've smelled in that style.

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