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All JOOP fragrances have several Sensible Characterestic Like Fragrant, Popular and Low Price That makes Those Worth to Buy and Joop!Go is not a Exception Too. A Fragrance for Young Generation. In other Words Energetic, Joyful,Modern,Fresh,Juicy and Aromatic.

The composition opens with fresh Bitter Orange and Rhubarb with a Gentle Touch of Violet in Heart and Also a dry woody note which is Beautiful and Masculine. This scent Gives you a Sense of Freedom.It is not Very Similar JUMP for me.

This JOOP EDT is perfect for a Dreary Morning when you need at joyance.It is a Everyday scent Good for a Casual outing. Suitable for Spring and Summer Definitely for wearing during the Daytime.Anyway It is Nice but
Nothing extraordinary.


Longevity?About 4 hours on my skin.


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