N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer's Review of Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie by Creed

This is another beautiful classic scent from Creed. For the longest time my assumption was that it would be a heavily floral dominated fragrance based on the title. I was wrong! Yes there are some florals: jasmine and rose however these notes aren't the main focus of the fragrance. The opening introduces the notes of Italian jasmine and Bulgarian rose as well as bergamot. Together, this creates a rather fresh and crisp opening. The opening is short lived as the bergamot will disappear completely while the florals will recede into the background giving way to the heart of the scent. The heart introduces notes of sandalwood and vanilla. I detected a little bit of amber as well although this wasn't officially listed in the notes. The heart is supported by a backbone structure of ambergris. At the base, the scent becomes rather sweet focusing heavily on the vanilla and sandalwood which makes the drydown so irresistible to smell. Personally, I consider JIE to be similar in nature to Angelique Encens and Vanisia. They're similar in which the vanilla in all three plays a significant role in the composition of the drydown. Longevity and silage are good. I got over 8 hours in longevity while the silage was above average for the first several hours and average/below average towards the end. JIE is better suited for the colder weather as the scent projects quite well. I would consider this more of a unisex fragrance as the florals aren't the dominating notes of the scent. If you enjoy vanilla-based fragrances then I highly recommend trying out this one as well as Angelique Encens, Vanisia (Note: it's actually more amber-based), and Sublime Vanille. Overall, JIE is another masterpiece from Creed.

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