Buzzlepuff's Review of Blue Sapphire by Boadicea the Victorious

This fragrance is a very fine fragrance and it is priced to match - $885/bottle. I would describe it as a floral oud and leather perfume. The combination of Rose, cardamom and Oud gives the impression of a mild version of Oud Ispahan. Blue Sapphire is a highly blended perfume that uses rose and oud with a bite of cardamom for mysteriousness and is also influenced by jasmine and a patchouli/amber base. Like many of these newer releases from BdV there is very fine jasmine that sets the center into a swirling flurry above indole earthiness which ties to the oud aroma nicely. A slight leather dryness wraps this bundle in soft suede. Overpriced in my view, but it is among the best offerings from Boudicea the Victorious so it must gets a thumbs up. An exotic and alluring, totally unisex fragrance, that I would be happy to own if I had the extra cash. A rating of 3.5 of 5 stars is well earned.

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