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This is like a politically correct version of an '80's powerhouse fragrance with the same initial impact that Jacomo de Jacomo has. And after the initial force of the leather and spirit with the nose still tingling at such unbridled hostility, the fragrance develops into the demure and gentlemanly tone as beeswax and burnt wood notes recall the louche mood of the well worn club armchair which might be exactly what was planned. Like Jacomo de Jacomo, it develops into a sensible shoes fragrance. All the animalic insinuations have abated as politically correct 'leather' reassures a younger set ignorant of deep echoes of those powerhouse '80's days that all is well. It takes a while for the nose to recover fully and when it did, I found myself wanting more of that initial impact but I chose, instead, between Givenchy Gentleman (the orginal) and Caron's Yatagan. Recalling both was enough somehow. For all of this, I do like the initial bravado of this fragrance even though it serves merely to remind me of what once was and how far we've traveled with Dudley Do-right.

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