Poboijosh's Review of Sadeen Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

It smells like a combination of Goloka® Nag Champa Incense, the one that comes in the yellow box, big, fat, juicy and fully bloomed dark red Ta`if Roses, a velvety smooth and aged properly Oud that's just a smidgen medicinal and smoky, very deep in feel with a subtle Leather nuance from Saffron, and I must say that this is `the` best blend that I've experienced to date! The notes are perfectly balanced, and considering that this is a very simple blend, the depth of this juice is something else... insanely expensive with a stunningly handsome presentation, I'll gladly save for this, and by the way, this juice does NOT smell like your typical Rose/Oud combo, it is a perfect balance between very warm and smoky Incense and spice(s), huge Roses, and just the right amount of medicinal, leathery Oud with a hint of animalic Musk buried deep within, and lemme tell you that wearing this stuff makes you feel royal to the max, it truly does feel, wear and smell like the $579.00 that it is, because ultimately this perfume is incredibly complex with the highest quality ingredients, so it demands a big presence due to smelling ridiculously awesome, and also, that 1.5 tola of precious juice should last you for a ridiculously long time, like years, because just a drop of this stuff creates mass amounts of sillage, and the longevity is well into the next day with endless development. Worth every penny in my humble opinion, and also, I find this blend so overtly intoxicating that I crave it, and I'm finding myself sneaking dabs left and right... this juice is ROYAL!

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