Darvant's Review of Sadeen Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

One of the best. Sadeen Blend strikes soon for its initial more than faint resemblence with the great Al Medina Al Mounawara (laundry-soapy and rosey old school neo-chypre) but while the latter becomes gradually musky and balmy ambery-honeyed (more traditionally rosey-chypre) this fragrance turns slowly towards a more properly resinous accord of agarwood resins, fir resins and mystic olibanum (which appears supported by balsamic spices- saffron, may be kurcuma ??). The note of rose (Taif rose I suppose and the Perris Montecarlo Rose de Taif's approach jumps soon on mind) is in here more stout and hesperidic, absolutely powderful and doesn't tend to appear musky or kind of waxy (holding on indeed such botanical and oily vegetal, really neutral and "gray"). The rose becomes gradually more heady, Victorian, sinister, dark, resinous, moody (as an abandoned english yard, a northern graveyard, a nobiliar decrepit building) and yes, uncompromisingly decadent. While Montale Black Aoud or for instance Terenzi Gold Rose Oudh smell finally more "musky-white" (more amber-honey-woody influenced) this rose holds on oily, royal, antique, herbal, therapeutic, shadowy and sticky. The incense presence is never "incensey" (never properly liturgical), just vaguely mouldy, solitary, greenish, humid, woody, hesperidic, vaguely camphoraceous. You figure yourself back in the childhood standing moody in a grey garden of an ancient sacristy (under a grey afternoon sky). Longevity and projection at top on my skin. Extreme rosey nobiliar decadence and greenish oily Victorian articulation at its best.

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