Darvant's Review of Grezzo d'Eleganza by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Grezzo d'Eleganza is not for the faint of heart. A terrific testosteronic resinous animalic opening with a quite compelling spicy-herbal animalic welcome that on the skin is a bomb. Warm, luxurious, incensey and carnal, overall with a strong musky presence and a yummy (literally edible) and wasting combination of orange/lemon, vanilla, tasty spices, incensey smoke, honey and castoreum. There Is something "roasted" in the mix, it seems to taste roasted fruits combined with honeyed vanilla and spices (for a while it seems to deal with zabajone and it comes in the central stage, after the Initial strong resinous animalic opening). Grezzo d'eleganza smells really warm and virile, finally the approach seems close to a classic eau de cologne, it seems to detect a touch of fluidy vetiver too in the background (well connected with bergamot) but is the hesperidic vanilla that strikes me a lot, really intense, orangy, floral (neroli) and "gready", anyway without to slide in the dangerous gourmand territories. The combination of yummy and carnal ingredients does not hamper the fragrance to "sound" elegant, aromatic, fresh and subtle since the spicy incense, a touch of patchouli, aromatic grass, light Woods, a royal bergamot and a Victorian rose provide the aroma with a stout classical (somewhat decadent) temperament preserving the lion to jump over the fences. I recommend this great juices to all those perfume addicted aiming to smell modern, brash and dangerous without to lose a classic sterotype of mystic elegance.

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