alfarom's Review of Sadeen Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Oils such as Sadeen Blend make me understand the reasons why I very very very rarely appreciate the rose-oud iterations proposed by the majority of the western brands. This is by all means a pretty traditional pairing but ASAQ's iteration of the rose-oud combo is so dark that I can't resist it. I'm won over.

Probably not the most hardcore oud-based blend around but boy it's so dark and decadent. Yes, pitch black but not scary. Instead this has a calming effect, almost meditative and, as apposed to several other *more difficult* blends by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, it doesn't take the usual couple of hours for the fragrance to settle down and becoming *wearable*. An initial blast of cheesy oud melts pretty soon with the darkest of the roses to give birth to an endless and hyper-deep woody-rose drown. The oud is smooth while the rose is anything but pretty. Just tremendous.

If you're a fan of Montale's Black Oud, Czech & Speake Dark Rose or By Kilian Rose Oud, you have to check this out and I promise you'll never go back.

Massive projection and lasting power.

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