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The Jardins d'Armide's opening is luxurious, herbal and orangy-rosey hesperidic with hints of powder in a way the first fragrance jumps on mind is the vintage Habit Rouge which was by soon less floral and more "complicately" centered over hesperides, woods, patchouli and soft leather. Anyway I detect a solid hesperidic boise and orangy resinous introduction which appears by soon ambery, vaguely honeyed and woodsy resinous but in a brighter and more floral way in comparison with the great Guerlain one (finally more glorious, dusty incensey, leathery, mossy, boozy/spicy). Unfortunately I don't see a great development on skin after the promising beginning and the dry down appears powdery/floral with an almost talky iris-violet-carnation almondy accord (pleasant, slightly synthetic but not glorious and multifaceted). Spicy orangy (stout till the end), powdery florals plus tonka (glicine and violet in primis plus powdery iris-tobacco) and honeyed vaguely boozy amber are the key notes. Anyway a really lovely powdery floral accord with musky accents and a touch of dandy-retro.

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