Colin Maillard's Review of Oud Imperial Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

Oud Imperial opens with a rubbery, slightly harsh, boozy (or more precisely, "chemically" alcoholic) note of oud, on a black, dense, slightly sticky ambery-herbal-spicy base. I also detect cloves, a medicinal note blended with the general sticky-black mood, initially a bit cloying then turning into something softer and more gentle. As a non-fan and non-expert of oud, I am not able to judge it, but the note smells nice to me: it's dark, austere, mystical, "organic", woody-rubbery as I assume oud shall be. Somehow it manages to smell at the same time also friendly and warm, especially as minutes pass, and after one hour or so it becomes definitely more "open", more pleasant and more fascinating, as it basically smells like if a dark woody forest blossomed on your skin – there's earthy notes, herbs, light woody notes - besides oud, patchouli, oak moss (obviously fake) and a light spicy-ambery breeze. At this point it's also quite close to many classic masculine fougères of the '70s/'80s, with the added value of the bitter, dry and rubbery note of oud. And that's the drydown basically. A nicely austere and decently persistent scent.


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