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I received this blind in a split with Portrait of a Lady, at the time my favorite rose scent. Little did I know that along with PoaL I was receiving what may very well unseat it as my favorite rose. I've worn 33 3 times so far, and each time it is shockingly beautiful, with a gorgeous and warm earthy rose scent. I do not get the citrus another reviewer smelled, mainly a rose with oud taking second fiddle. I was looking forward to a nice aged oud scent, so was a bit disappointed that it's barely noticeable (but still there). However the quality of the rose more than makes up for it. The only down side is it's performance. It does not project nor last long on my skin. I am enjoying it, but I don't think I'll be replacing the 10ml that I have once it's gone. Definitely worth checking out

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