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Dry woods, tobacco, and a touch of incense<p><p>Finally got around to sampling this on a recent vacation. Wow--what a stunner. This is a perfectly natural, organic wood-tobacco-incense fragrance. I happened to sample on the same day as Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, which retails for several times more than the L'Occitane.<p><p> <p><p>I found Eau des Baux superior in every respect. It was subtle but powerful. The top notes of incense yield effortlessly to a mild pipe tobacco and wood accord. By comparison, the Tobacco Vanille was a screeching, acrid cigar.<p><p> <p><p>Longevity was excellent (8-10 hours on my dry skin). Projection was moderate.<p><p> <p><p>Highly recommended.<p><p>Pros: Vastly superior to Tobacco Vanille at a fraction of the price<br>Cons: </p>

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