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A Real Forest Primeval Scent<p><p>People talk of Ormonde Woman being foresty and primeval and as much as I love Ormonde Woman , I can't help but think it is so refined it reminds me more of the tiny stamp of trees of Berkeley Square not too far away from the Ormonde Jayne boutique than anything truly rolling about in a deep dark forest. <p><p>As much as Ormonde Woman is a refined ' let's pretend we are in a forest because actually we are in the bloody middle of Mayfair, London' .... Norne is the real deal . <p><p>You want to feel the deepest darkest forest - go to Norne Forest in SlumberhouseLand. <p><p> <p><p>Norne starts with a rubbing of mentholated evergreen - rich green tinges of icey leaves crushed in hand and held to the nose and proceeds to go down through the tree to the gnarly bark ,the woods and to the earth at the roots . From there you can see the sky and you feel alive. Norne is a scent that feels alive . <p><p>I have read about burnt woods but I don't get burnt woods- I get a light woody incense feel - a grounding .<p><p>Again in Norne there is there characteristic roughness to the scent - that artisan feel which is endearing actually. Again this speaks to me of Life in general . Life is not smooth sailing and perfect ,not airbrushed or smoothed over. There is a roughness to Life reflected in Slumberhouse scents. It is not a negative trait but an interesting one to me. Though I speak of roughness in Slumberhouse fragrances , Norne is actually a lot smoother to me than Jeke .It rolls gently from one phase to the next and in this way , Norne has elegance. <p><p>Very unisex - if you love woody incensey scents and a slight mentholated character as well - this will fulfil that .<p><p> <p><p>Pros: Lasting and great Quality<br>Cons: None"</p>

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