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Great Smokey Patchouli & Spice<p><p>This isn't a little wimpy limpid thing called Jeke .This is a passionate ,strong aroma that will suck you right in . It's not Jeke... it's Jeke !!!!!! Hello !<p><p>It smells so ' earthly ' - not earthy but so grounding . Straight away - there is that artisan scent smell - I smell that particular rawness that I get with many natural or highly natural perfumes. It's actually shockingly raw- especially if you are used to a lot of commercial perfumes. A good bit of roughness. A bit of a reality check .It's like a nose whack - a good one.<p><p>Then you get wallops of spicey resin , abit smokey and tons of great patchouli - not clean patchouli but the real good stuff. ( I do not like patchouli much ...but really good patchouli... I have noticed ..I actually love ) The beeswax is there adding to that smokey ,dirty-ish edge.<p><p>It made me think of Absolue Pour Le Soir by Francis Kurkdjian ( and also a little of Patchouli 24 by Le Labo ) . <p><p>Lapsong Suchong is my favorite tea and you can smell it in this - at this point I am reminded of another natural perfume I once bought - it was just a simple Lapsong Suchong scent . <p><p>All these nose whacks are nicely tempered with vanilla - not girly vanilla or anything that makes you think of cupcakes . If you did not know vanilla was in the notes, you might not suspect it has any at all. It just rounds everything off nicely whilst keeping this scent very much its own fascinating ,smokey, resinous ,char-like ,sexy self.<p><p>Longevity - umm... it hangs around a while ( to say the least ! ) but is closer wearing to the skin. <p><p>Great scent .<p><p> <p><p>If I could have a slogan for Jeke it would be:<p><p>Jeke : Perfume For The Bold ( men and women of course ) <p><p>Pros: Longevity and Quality excellent<br>Cons: None"</p>

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