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Slightly amplified Azzaro PH<p><p>Overall Rating: * * * * <p><p> <p><p>I recently acquired a bottle of vintage Azzaro Intense after reading EricRico's outstanding review below. Azzaro is my signature scent, but I sometimes find myself wishing for better longevity out of it (I get 6-8 hours out of the vintage, 4-5 hours out of the reformulation).<p><p> <p><p>As Eric and others have noted, Azzaro Intense is faithful to the original. Often, the "extreme" versions of favorite fragrances are so different as to be unrecognizable. That is not the case here. The heart notes and drydown of Azzaro Intense are virtually identical to Azzaro PH.<p><p> <p><p>There is a slight difference in the top notes, however, and one that does not favor the Intense. Admirers of Azzaro PH will note that the wasabi-like anise note are here overpowered by a strong fennel. It is a subtle difference, and not altogether bad. But I do LOVE that sinus-opening blast I get from the standard EDT version.<p><p> <p><p>Performance metrics, as one would expect, favor the Intense. I get 8-10 hours from the Intense, though a good part of it is as a skin scent. <p><p> <p><p>Like Eric, my preferred way of wearing Azzaro is to layer it. I tend to start with 3 sprays of the Intense and add an equal or greater number of the traditional EDT. This preserves those marvelous top notes while adding the superior longevity of the Intense.<p><p> <p><p>If you love Azzaro PH, you can't go wrong with this. It may not replace the original, but it can certainly complement it.<p><p>Pros: longer lasting than Azzaro PH<br>Cons: top notes not quite as satisfyingly anisic"</p>

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