Card Board's Review of Je Suis un Homme by Etat Libre d'Orange

Opens very sharp with citrus, bergamot, and also slightly boozy with the cognac accord (perhaps parched woods and vetiver) which seems to dominate. Refined, somewhat aloof, somewhat old-school. Cloves and spices in the dry down warm things up a little bit as the leather emerges--dry and dusty, but never quite dominating. Bergamot lingers, as does citrus in the form of astringent pith, rather than fruit or zest. Things are pretty stable from here on, so, all told, on me this is a citric, slightly spicy, and astringent leather/cognac. The cognac seems to outweigh the other elements by just a tad. It projects well and is long lasting. Oddly, I do not sense any animalic values at all. Perhaps warmer weather would bring these out.

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