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Writing about the EdP here, but it hardly matters, as I am out of my depths with some of the stated notes. The opening is a honey and hay affair with an intriguing note of freshly peeled tangerine, which briefly adds a cool edge, before disappearing completely. I gather this is supposed to be spicier and less powdery than the EdT. I don't have the EdT (am interested enough to try at some point) but would never call this spicy. But there are spices, e.g., a warm underlayment of saffron. Less powdery this formulation may be, but there is a pronounced, non-dominant sense of iris-y powder. All I really want to say is this is really wonderful stuff. Very warm, comforting, and comfortable. I've not smelled the Egyptian cigarettes that inspired this fragrance, but this is pretty evocative of the tobacco fantasy.

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