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Opens as a citric, sour (yes, like grapefruit) vetiver, but the citrus impression is quickly replaced with something saltier, I suppose coming from cardamom and patchouli, although it is hard to readily identify either. This succeeds in imparting open, fresh, and airy elements of vetiver, rather those dank, dark, roots-of-the-jungle, even though there are undertones of the latter. I do perceive the scent fantasy of salt water drying on skin, but also imagine salt water drying on rocks and coastal boulders, driftwood, and seaweed (the latter being subtle, with no fishy overtone). When the florals arrive, it is as if they are carried over some distance by the breeze. Later they are elevated to be about equals of the vetiver, at which point the whole becomes less salty and a bit more sour-floral. It is still nice, but given the fragrance's name, I hoped the salt would stick around. Of the vetivers I've tried, I find this to be the most transporting, particularly in the first half of its development, and different enough from the others to merit attention. At the end, for the most part, this goes the way of pretty much every vetiver I've experienced; that is, it basically becomes vetiver. If you sniff your wrist deeply, you may get a trace of the saltiness. But in its best phases, this is: end-of-the-day-sun-warmed, windswept, and astringent, but also somewhat stoic and detached, despite the (sometimes) intimate impression of salty skin. Longevity, projection, and sillage are slightly above average.

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