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Yes, it is Full Incense for the long haul, but that is not to say it lacks variation. It goes on as a lightly smoked, austere (but not aloof) frankincense-plus-cedar. Where some have said it is dark, my experience is of dappled light, as in a forest infused with incense from an adjacent church. No doubt forest imagery is suggested by cedar, but there is also airiness and movement, rather than a stationary density. The cedar slowly undulates throughout. Sometimes I think it has gone, but it reappears. In its heart, this is name-appropriate "full incense" consisting of frankincense, spices, a resinous ambery note, steadily increasing, sharp and lovely patchouli; cedar, and not much suggestion of smoke. In its final stages as a skin scent, the composition becomes sharper still, in the way of dry woods and patchouli. Regrettably, this is my favorite phase, and I wish I could have had more of this up front, projecting. Comparisons to Avignon, which I like quite a bit, are merited, but I think Full Incense is better put together, more convincing, sweeter, and less synthetic in effect. As for longevity, silage, and projection, Full Incense performs as expected for a Montale item, even though it is not as monstrous as certain of its Aoud brethren.

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