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Debut is a lily floral to my nose, but it opens with such a tart and green burst that it is almost offputting. It is very, very green. The florals are present almost from the start though, with the lily slowly gaining hold. Even as the lily continues to unfold, the fragrance stays green and tart.

The saving grace for me, although I love lily fragrances, is the emergence of a linden note. The linden seems to balance out the harshness of the green, and the thick, headiness of the lily. This blend sits for hours as a beautifully executed, soft, pillowy white floral blend. It finishes with soft woods and musk.

I would imagine that this Delrae has many fans, as it is certainly easy to wear, after the bitter opening, and also is very well executed. This one seems a little more subdued than several of the other Delrae fragrances that I have tried or own, but is not without it's substance.

The neutral rating is for the harsh opening that, to me, continues on into the heart, leaving this fairly difficult for me to wear. Just my taste though.

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