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I'll confess two things. Number one, I don't care for heliotropin as a note. And number two, I cannot get over the impression of Johnson's Baby Oil that I find in this fragrance. The two combined are reasons for me to ponder what this is all about...but I cannot say that it does not smell good. And I cannot say it does not give a comforting, calming aura that it was most likely meant to portray.

But...it smells like Johnson's Baby Oil. So a neutral, even though I do think that it is the world's best rendition of Johnson's Baby Oil. It is beautiful and very, very well blended. A structure that holds true to it's notes - soft, delicate, airy and gentle. This is the skin scent of all skin scents, like a baby's head in a way. A baby's head with Johnson's Baby Oil applied to it.

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