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Usually, I enjoy identifying the different components in a fragrance as if discovering threads in a tapestry through mist. But this is so dense and tightly 'woven' that I cannot be sure the 'mist' isn't part of the projection of the fragrance, itself. What's more, I don't care. It's enough that something this potent is swirling about me. My nose seems more alive - more sensitive and attuned than it was. My mood is equally uplifted. This fragrance is in a league of its own. This sets a standard by which supposed powerhouse fragrances might be measured. The quality of its ingredients is unparalleled. My nose is tingling and the front of my forehead is tingling, also. Only essential oils cause me to feel this. I cannot stop smelling my arm where I spritzed a little over two hours ago. It is no less potent over that time and has lost nothing from my nasal vacuuming and I remain utterly distracted. This is sublime - a kind of oriental and gourmand concentration with concentrated herbal astringents and a little green elements that create a sillage that warrants its own distinct classification.

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