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Entirely misnamed... This doesn't connote 'dirty' tones or notes. Rather than be burdened by civet or animalic elements or discordant, shrill components like heavy handed clove or astringents, it is civilized and modest. There is an element of smokiness which I enjoy but it is not a threatening or defiant or divisive statement. It assists the development of the woody heartland of the fragrance which reinforces the base and wears close to the skin. Being a thrill-seeker, I wanted all the animalic bravado I could find. I love civet. I adore arid fragrances and love the pulsating strength of powerhouse fragrances but Dirty English is a well educated and courteous visit to refinement that awaits in an enveloping leather armchair. It is self confident and resolute without needing to strut or fret. Look closely and you will realise it doesn't smoke or drink cognac because it's too sensible. It is too busy being successful and enjoying the sounds that various types of leather make. It's actually a fragrance about coming of age. Accordingly, it enables us to measure the failings of so many contemporary offerings.

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