Vetiverissimo is first fragrance in Bruno Fazzolari sub-brand, Fzotic

Bruno Fazzolari has created a sub-brand for his perfume line called Fzotic. It’s first fragrance is Vetiverissimo.

Fazzolari explains the reasoning behing the name:

It’s becoming harder to work freely within my brand given the close ties (i.e. my name!) with my work as contemporary artist. I love the synergy between my visual and scent work, but there are times when I create a scent that doesn’t really fit into my work as a visual artist. And Vice Versa: my visual work doesn’t always fit my brand. This has been getting harder to navigate and it’s holding back my growth as a visual artist, perfumer and entrepreneur.


The fragrance includes no traditional top notes, but features spice, vetiver, cedarwood, resins and woods.

Fazzolari adds “This is a vetiver that I created for myself out of my love for this beautiful and complex material. I set about highlighting a specific facet of vetiver that doesn’t get emphasized so often: a bit of sparkle, spice, resin, woods. Also: versatile. Vetiver is both casual and dressed up. I wanted to create something that was appropriate any occasion.”

Vetiverissimo is available now, and can also be purchased with a matching throw blanket.

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