Yves Rocher dies, aged 79

Basenoters have been paying their tributes to Yves Rocher who died last Saturday at the age of 79. Rocher founded his beauty products company 50 years ago.

This makes me so sad. He created a corporation that sold wonderful products for reasonable prices, using the same ingredients as all the super expensive companies.
In this day and age, he was to be quite commended for that. Truly a legend.
Adieu M Rocher et merci.

Brielle 87


That’s really a shame. Yves Rocher is one of the few companies, not just of perfume but any product, that you never feel like you’re getting screwed. Their products are of very good quality, their prices are great, and they’ve always got great freebies and sales.



A pioneer of natural & plant based beauty, a lover of the environment, creator of sustainable industry, M. Rocher was decades ahead of his time.



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